28 September 2022

Project Implementation

Project Implementation

The Twinning project consists of three components and one study visit in Austria.

Component 1: Alignment of national legislation on People’s Advocate to the EU legislation, international obligations and European best practises

This component aims at harmonizing the national legislation, more specifically Law no.8454 “On the People’s Advocate” as amended, with EU legislation, international regulations and European best practises and providing a new draft law.

Sub-results are as follows:

  • Recommendations on a draft new law “On the People’s Advocate” in line with EU legislation and best practises and standards provided;
  • Institution’s internal regulatory acts revised/developed for a better institution’s functioning.

Component 2: Capacity of the People’s Advocate Institution as a National Human Rights Institution in the execution of its promotional mandate enhanced

This component is intended to enhance the capacities of the Albanian PA and increasing its visibility and function. Cooperation with parliament and public administration is considered crucial, as well as cooperation with civil society and independent institutions such as the Information and Data Protection Commissioner and the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination of Albania.

Sub-results are as follows:

  • Training needs assessment, design and delivery of Advanced Training Sessions on Complaints handling developed/carried out;
  • Improved visibility of the People’s Advocate institution and the role in the protection and promotion of human rights;
  • Improved cooperation between the People’s Advocate institution and the parliament, civil society and public administration to establish better oversight and visibility mechanisms for the implementation of the Ombudsman’s recommendations and the Parliament to play a higher role in government scrutiny of those recommendations and the Special Reports.

Component 3: Recommendations for the Upgrade of the case management system of the People’s Advocate according to successful models and practises of EU Member States

This component aims at identifying and prioritising possible upgrades for the case management system based on EU best practices and carrying out a study visit in Austria to exchange experience on lessons learned and daily challenges related to the case management system.

Sub-result is as follows:

  • Proposals for revision of the current People’s Advocate case management system and guidance on the potential upgrading and maintenance provided.