Reaching out to stakeholders: The People’s Advocate Annual Report 2012 in English language


4th July 2013, Tirana, Albania


As envisaged by the Constitution of the Republic of Albanian, the People's Advocate presents an Annual Report before the Albanian Parliament.


The Report and the information contained in it, on the situation of fundamental freedoms and human rights in Albania, constitute useful information for the members of Parliament and the public administration, as well as for national and international organizations working in the field of human rights, counterpart institutions in the region and beyond, educational institutions, media and the public.


Thanks to the support of the Danish Government through the Project “Danish Support to the Albanian Ombudsman Reaching out to local communities, civil society and media”, it was made possible to translate for the first time the Annual Report 2012 into English language.


The first chapter of the Annual Report provides a general overview of the opinions and recommendations of the People’s Advocate in regard to the human right situation in Albania and the most important issues/complains presented and dealt with from the institution during 2012.


On the other hand, the second chapter gives a more detailed presentation of the issues and of the work of the People's Advocate Institution in handling and resolving complaints - divided according to the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and other legal acts. This section provides specific case studies, the treatment given and relative solution, as well as introduces the work of the Institution for the restoration of denied and infringed rights through concrete recommendations to the state institutions.


While the third chapter of the Annual Report 2012 presents an overview of the interaction with the public, as well as the cooperation of the Institution with different partners from the civil society, the media and the international community working also in the field of human rights standards; the last chapter includes statistical information on the activity of the institution during 2012, but also provides information on the new institutional structure and financial costs.


The English version of the Annual Report 2012 has already been shared with several stakeholders, such as national and international organizations, diplomatic missions in Albania, the European Group of National Human Rights Institutions and the International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions (ICC). This new initiative contributed in further raising awareness and strengthening the collaboration of the People’s Advocate Institution with different international/national organizations, diplomatic missions and the civil society in the field of human rights. Taking into consideration the great interest that the Report had from the stakeholders and the relevance of the information provided in the reports of the People’s Advocate, the institution is committed to have all the important documents, such as the annual report and the special reports, translated into English language and share them with its partners.